Scholars /Research / Creativity Programme

This programme is designed to provide space and facilities to national and international feminist researchers, artists, and others engaged in creative and scholarly endeavours. The programme offers research supervision/consultation, research facilities, and board/lodging.  Resident scholars are expected to contribute to IWSL programmes. The first scholar that we got under this programme was a PhD student at Yale University who had been recommended by an IWSL faculty member who was supervising her work, Dr. Sara Suleri. Ph.D. Similarly Dr. Fawzia Afzal Khan, Associate Professor at Montclair State University spent a 3- month period at the IWSL researching on women and theatre in Pakistan.

Over the years young scholars have availed the Scholars’ Programme, for instance, Khanum Sheikh, a graduate student in International Studies at the University of Oregon, Eugene. Khanum conducted her fieldwork for her masters’ thesis on the links between low-income women from Southern Punjab with local, national, and international markets under the supervision of her fieldwork. Dr. Christelle Dedebant from France used the Institute library for   PhD work on the women’s movement in Pakistan.