ASR reprinted a novel, The Heart Divided, and published a bilingual anthology of feminist poetry, Beyond Belief, a selection of readings, Finding our Way, and a series of interviews with women on Islam, Voices Within.

After the tremendous response to ASR as an alternative publisher, new titles have been added to its publications lists. ASR reprinted Nawal el Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero, Fatima Mernissi’s Hidden from History: The Forgotten Queens of Islam and Kumari Jayawerdena’s Feminism and Nationalism in accordance with their thematic relevance for Pakistan and South Asia. Honour, Shame and Resistance a book about honour killings has been published. Other publications have included a Women’s Studies Series, women’s fiction and literary criticism, a collection of essays on social, political and ideological issues and academic publications.

To make art more accessible and to bridge the gap between fiction, academia and art, ASR uses art works by women artists for its book covers. In addition, the work of feminist artists is also printed in the form of posters and cards for wider dissemination.