Pakistan-India peace and disarmament is a primary focus for ASR. It strongly believes that Pakistan’s progress will continue to be impeded until this issue is resolved. ASR is working on the issue of peace at the South Asian level generally and with India in particular. Its peace initiatives between India and Pakistan involve meetings and discussions with Indian women delegates for ASR’s aim is to remove the line of hostility taken by our respective governments by engaging in a people-to-people dialogue.

ASR arranged a reception for the delegation of women actively involved in forging peace and friendship amongst the people of South Asia during their visit to Pakistan. Pakistan-India peace forum sent a delegation of Pakistani women to India to promote the activities between the two countries and to further strengthen the peace efforts.

Although many women and women’s groups in South Asia have been active in a wide range of activities linked to peace there has been little development of a political and conceptual understanding of the complexities of the issue of peace. Therefore a small group of women in 1999 proposed to launch a Centre for Peace Studies and Activism in South Asia. The objective of this centre was to create a teaching and learning environment for women to work on issues of peace and conflict resolution. The ultimate objective was the creation of an annual centre for peace studies for women in South Asia which will be collectively designed and implemented. As there will be no geographical location for the centre it will rotate in turn between each of the South Asian countries.

Activists for the peace and antinuclear campaign regularly organise symposiums and conferences and ASR had been participating in these meetings regularly and continues working towards this purpose. Activists demand that the government should stop all nuclear tests and instead utilise its resources to improve the standard of living of the people.