ASR had arranged advocacy visits to all four provinces of Pakistan on the issue of peace and disarmament. The Advocacy team of ASR organized and conducted four provincial-level workshops. The details are as follows:

1) Hyderabad Peace Workshop (7 – 8 May 2002)

The first provincial-level workshop was held in Hyderabad, Sindh from 7-8 May, at Faran Hotel. There were almost 30 participants. All of them were from different areas of Sindh and represented numerous NGOs. There were also some journalists. The workshop addressed issues related to Pakistan India standoff, Kashmir conflict, Nuclearization, and women in conflict situations. The workshop employed participatory discussions and group exercises as a means of communication between the resource persons and the participants.

2) Quetta Peace Workshop (11 – 12 May 2002)

The second provincial level workshop was held in Quetta, Baluchistan. The workshop was important in establishing important peace networks and gathered strength for the peace campaign. 30 or so participants gathered there, all were representative of NGOs and CBOs. The resource persons addressed the participants on the first day and discussed Nuclearization, the Kashmir issue, South Asian conflicts, and the Pakistan-India standoff. They talked about women in conflict situations. Through independent debates and group discussions, many important points emerged at the workshop. The workshop was successful in achieving its aims.

3) Peshawar Peace Workshop (4 – 5 June 2002)

The third provincial level workshop was held in Peshawar, North West Frontier Province. The format of the workshop, as with other workshops of the peace campaign, was more or less the same. The workshop participants were representatives of NGOs working in the province. The main aim behind the workshop was to create awareness about the importance of peace among the people. The workshop was also instrumental in establishing a peace network in the province. The main issues that were discussed centered around Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Nuclearization, and Women in conflict scenarios. The participants filled out evaluation forms and gave suggestions for the workshop. It was felt that ASR should organize such programs more often.

4) Toba Tek Singh Peace Workshop (7 – 8 June 2002)

The last workshop was held at Toba Tek Singh, Punjab. There were almost 27 participants at the workshop who had come from all over Punjab. The main aim of the workshop was to inform people about the importance of peace in the region. It was also sought to widen the peace network that ASR has been creating. The workshop employed group discussions and participatory sessions as a means of establishing communication between the participants. The workshop lasted two days.