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ASR has its own in-house library and a vast collection of material on development related issues. These include books, articles, papers, case studies, reports, journals, newsletters and news clippings from Pakistan as well as from abroad. They are available to anyone wishing to consult them.

A large portion of the ASR Library focuses on Women’s Studies and is considered comprehensive in this discipline. It has over 7000 books; 2000 registers of newspaper clippings divided by category and subcategory; over 500 reports; and approximately 1000 bound periodicals. Files on other development and movement information including on organizations are also available in the library archives.

In addition to this the library houses primary empirical work/data on issues of land; women and land; women’s representation in the media; violence against women; religious minorities; partition narratives; and agrarian studies data which are available to researchers/scholars. In addition to this the library contains photocopies of all readings / course materials and supplementary documents.

The library is updated continuously to keep up with the increasing demand that is stemming from the expansion and strengthening of the Institute’s programmes.  Faculty, staff, interns, students, resident scholars, and resource persons in addition to outside users make extensive use of the library facilities. Major national and international journals in Women’s Studies, Development Studies, and other related fields are also subscribed.  Similarly books in these areas, published nationally and internationally, continuously add to the existing collection.

ASR also acts as a resource centre for any other information that may be needed, and often takes the initiative in disseminating relevant articles and books to ASR contacts. Besides this ASR has an audio and a film library with over 250 films.