ASR believes in the democratization of information and knowledge for which it is digitizing 36 years of its resources onto an interactive, online forum with easy and open access for all users. ASR’s resources include skills and tools disseminated through workshops, seminars, lecture series and trainings, to support an ecosystem that enables women to realize their full potential across economic, professional and social sectors.

Our conservation and digitization process is twofold – it catalogues our resources as well as the political and economic consciousness; the thought process; the discourse of justice that developed the very methodologies at ASR. Alongside the online portal, ASR will also continue to provide orientation and mentorship for our student’s capacity building and development on ground, in our office based in Lahore.

ASR adopts a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to political, economic and social transformation of women at the grass-roots, regional and international level. Having these resources on the web translates into researchers, academics, archivists from across the world, having an easy access to all our archives, which are wholesome not only for their academic value but also for their contextual relevance – in covering the various challenges and opportunities of South Asia.

Here lies the strength of ASR; it has worked within the realities of a postcolonial, patriarchal Pakistan, and yet pushed boundaries for the promotion of equal, equitable and just citizenship rights for everyone in the country, especially the marginalized and disadvantaged.

 ASR’s dynamic faculty changed the lives of our students and helped them advance their struggles and careers – a comprehensive video archive of which will also be available on our online forum. All our modules will have an interactive interface, catalogued and categorized for effective learning and teaching aids.