Lecture / Seminar Series

The Institute had a regular Lecture/Seminar Series, which featured renowned national and international feminist scholars.

Some of the titles of the presentations are as follows:

Sr # Title Date / Year Speaker Number of participants
1. Recovering Women’s Voice: Women’s Writings, Oral Narrative and Rewriting of History   February 17, 1999 Dr. Uma Chakarvarti (Dehli University) 50
2. When the Caribbean Sea meets the Indian Ocean: Literature of the South Asian Diaspora in the Caribbean   February 25, 1999   Dr. Sharmila Sen (Harvard University) 45
3. Changing Roles of Sri Lankan Women in the Context of Globalization and Ethnic Conflict   March 05, 1999 Dr. Sepali Kottegoda (University of Colombo) 40
4. Challenge for Feminists, Making for the Future, A View from the Republic of Ireland   March 17, 1999 Dr. Ailbhe Smyth (University College Dublin), 53
5. Women in the National Struggle and Women and Human Right in South Africa after National Liberation   March 31, 1999 Dr. Naziema Jappie (University of Natal, Durban, South Africa), 40
6. The Claims of Memory: Bearing Feminist History (Lecture in Lahore)   February 01, 2000       Professor Christine Delphy (feminist scholar. France) 60
7. The Claims of Memory: Bearing Feminist History (Lecture in Islamabad) February 04, 2000 Professor Christine Delphy (Feminist Scholar France), Dr. Uma Chakravarti (Dehli University) 150
8. Persistent Structures, Ideological Manouvers and Everyday Challenges: Women Movement in South Asia   February 08, 2000 Dr. Uma Chakarvarti (Dehli University)   70
9. The Culture of Politics and Politics of Culture   March 02, 2000 Dr. Jasodhara Bagchi (Jadavpur University, Calcutta)   70
10. The Color of Feminism: Performing Heiner Muller’s medeamaterial at the New York Fringe Festival 1998   March 02, 2000 Dr. Fawzia Afzal Khan (Montclair State University) 80
11. Co-Existence of Customary and Civil Marriage in South Asia   March 09, 2000 Dr. Naziema Jappie (University of Natal, Durban, South Africa), 55
12. Male streaming Women: What’s Wrong with the Number Game   March 15, 2000 Dr. Bronwyn Winter (Australia)   57
13. Women Organizations, Communism and State in Indonesia   March 22, 2000 Dr. Saskia Weiringa (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague) 40
14. Women as Property and Women and Property   January 03, 2001 Dr. Manoshi Mitra (Delhi) 45
15. Women as Ornament, Women as Prostitute: Rethinking the Women’s question in Pakistan?   February 20, 2001 Dr. Ayesha Jalal (Tufts USA) 80
16. The Rhetoric & Substance of Empowerment: Women, Development and State   15th February 2002 Dr. Uma Chakravarti (Dehli University) 88
17. Othello: A Post-Colonial Text   20th February 2002 Neelum Hussain 74
18. Women Writings since 1857   February 28, 2002 Kishwar Naheed 61
19. Globalization and its impact on Livelihood and Food Security   March 11, 2002 Dr. Azra Tallat Sayeed 59
20. Coping with Drought: Insight from Experiences of Women in Sri Lanka in the Context of Globalization   March 22, 2002 Dr. Sepali Kottegoda (University of Colombo) 55
21. The Story of Noble Rot   28th March 2002 Uzma Aslam Khan 97
22. Status of Women in Afghanistan, Today   April 10, 2002 Mareena Mateen 86
23.   Women & History, Women in History / Women’s Studies (Lecture in Sindh University, Jamshoro)   April 2004 Dr. Uma Chakravarti (Dehli University) Nighat Said Khan 200
24. Lecture on History at Karachi Press Club   April 13, 2004 Dr. Uma Chakaravarti (Dehli University) 70
25. Lecture on Federalism, Federation and Citizenship Rights   April 25, 2008 Syeda Abida Hussain 50
26. Seminar on Women’s Movement February 12, 2010 Dr. Uma Chakaravarti (Dehli University), Nighat Said Khan, Dr. Irfana Mallah (Sindh University), Samina Rehman 85
27. Seminar on Bangladesh – 40 Years of Silence 1971-2011   March 25, 2011 Nighat Said Khan, Salima Hashmi 55