Institute of Women Studies Lahore (IWSL)

In 1995 ASR moved towards establishing its most ambitious project, which was to set up a Women’s Studies/Women in Development Training Centre. This is to be a consolidation of its previous training, research and publication initiatives. It also consolidates and brings together the work that ASR has been doing in Asia and particularly in South Asia.

The ASR Women’s Studies/Women In Development Training Centre is the only one of its kind in Pakistan or even Asia, except perhaps in the Philippines. The Women’s Studies/Women In Development Training Centre is more action oriented that mainstream Women’s Studies disciplines and focus on acting as a catalyst to initiate and activate interest and promote Women’s Studies at all levels of academic, research and activism. In its objective of acquainting and teaching perspectives and methods of analysis that apply to a more cohesive understanding of gender differentiation of society, the ASR Centre attempts to influence and bring change within the mainstream, formal education system as well. However, by building resources both from research and bringing in experiences of people from related disciplines, the ASR Centre also encourages, through writing workshops as well as systematic or some level of training, expressions of alternative knowledge systems and creativity.

As said above, that while the Centre would be in Pakistan and much of the discussion above relates to Pakistan, it would be equally valid for other countries in Asia, particularly, South Asia. The Women’s Studies/WID Training Centre, therefore, should be seen as a service equally relevant to other countries.

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