The IWSL has undertaken these long-term research studies.

  1. Women’s Representation in the Print Media in Pakistan, published as ‘Watching Them, Watching Us. The media study was done extensively over a four year period and several aspects have been analyzed.
  1. Violence Against Women. This study focused on violence (including economic violence) in 5 villages of the Punjab. Integrated into this were intensive discussions with men on why men are violent. Unpublished.
  1. A Question of Land. Land and Tenancy Rights of Women and women in tenant/peasant struggles from the Tebhaga Movement to the Anjuman e Mazahireen. The empirical work was done in rural Punjab (with some experiences from Sindh) over the years 2000-2003 bringing up to date information on rural women in these same villages over a 26 year period. Publication is in process, the title being “Class Conflicts, the Peasantry and Women in the Peasant Movement”.
  1. Conflicts, divisions; partitions especially the partition of India in 1947. Voices of Women has been an ‘ongoing’ study from 1984 and is now in three parts: “A Map is not a Territory”; “And Then They Told Their Story”; “The Present as History”.
  1. Religious Minorities in Pakistan particularly Hindu Dalit Women. This study included a mapping of all religious minorities in Pakistan, surveys, intensive and qualitative work, fact findings, and focus group discussions. The publication focuses on the Hindu, Christian and Qadiani (!) minorities.
  1. Inter and Intra State conflicts; impact of conflicts on women; women as peace makers; women in peace resolution. This study also raises questions on the Federation and on citizenship.
  1. UNDP/MOWD Preparation of Bibliography on “Gender Issues in Pakistan” for the MoWD website.