Holistic Methodology

The success of ASR over the years was perhaps the holistic nature of its orientation and its activities and its conceptual orientation. ASR worked out five-year plan and worked within these parameters.  All funding requests were also then connected to this whole, and no proposal or activity that had not been planned was submitted or undertaken, regardless of the opportunities that may present themselves.  The flexibility within lied in the issues addressed in the trainings, the campaigns that may been needed have been undertaken, etc.  but the actual activities does not change or additional projects undertaken.  ASR also did not take on consultancy work, which, since it would had its own imperatives and constraints, would detract from ASR’s own planned. 

ASR tried its level best to created political, social, natural, environmental change since the inception of the project.  All of ASR’s activities were inter-linked and inter-connected and there was an internal logic in its diversity.  The emphasis on any particular activity had depended on the needed at that particular moment in ordered to define a new space, to experiment with an idea, to responded to a needed, to made a political statement.  The ASR had been and was creating political, economic and social change through its publication, networking, research; training; conducting academic courses; community work; documentary film production; assisting theatre and art groups; holding the provincial and national workshops and conferences in Pakistan and was involved in activism at all levels in Sindh, Southern Punjab and Kashmir.