Realizing that there was a dearth of training material in Pakistan, especially simply written material in Urdu, ASR began translating and publishing a number of training material, research reports and other writing done by ASR itself in both Urdu and English. The first initiative in this direction was to reprint an anthology of short stories by women, Nakoosh i Latif, which not only found a readership in feminist circles, but also in the retail trade.

ASR is one of a few Feminist publishers in South Asia and certainly the only sustained and diverse one in Pakistan. As an alternative publisher, ASR provided space for those writers who would not normally find a publisher and published much of its own training material, research reports and other writings by ASR members itself.

ASR was the only alternative feminist publisher in Pakistan, with a list of over 74 titles and offered production services to writers and other publishers both within and outside Pakistan.