ASR has also moved into the production of audio-visual materials and has its own film unit and a film library. The ASR staff has been involved in video production and has produced three films.

Realising the importance of being self-reliant ASR set up its own film unit in 1989 and has been involved in video production training workshops. To date it has produced three films, Untangling the Knot; a short film on women and Islam, Mother I Have Many Desires, a docu-drama about a girl child working in the brick kiln industry which in 1993 won the British Council Worldwide WID Video Award and When This Day is Named on Islamisation and women’s resistance to it shown on Channel 4, England.

As part of its attempt to redefine development and politics, the ASR resource Centre has made concerted efforts in encouraging women’s creativity and collective expressions. Apart from theatre and films, ASR has encouraged artists, craftswomen, writers and poets to be part of development processes. The Two Women’s Studies Conferences included a feminist poetry reading by women poets and music events by women. Also ASR has in the past years worked specifically with women artists and craftswomen. It had a two-week women artists course on Peace in which the artists from South Asia were to put up their art works on the issue of Peace on four non-government sites that included ASR, AGHS, Gulab Devi hospital and Sanjan Nagar school.

ASR has also provided an initiative for a group of artists called Sohappan, to get involved in development communication.

A puppet cum cassette programme with feminist messages (as an educational tool for children) was also developed with Himmat Society.

The IWSL has also organized Film Festivals in collaboration with Mateela (a film production group). These were to showcase South Asian documentary and short films and were held over five days each.