A National / Regional conference on Peace with the title of “Together We Stand” in June 2002 was held in Lahore. After concluding 4 provincial level workshops, a National level Conference of Peace Activists came at a very appropriate time. It was instrumental in establishing and addressing conflicts existing in South Asia. It also opened dialogue and established a platform for identifying problems that exist within the country. The main issues addressed through presentations and discussions were regional conflicts within the country, nuclearization, Indo-Pak relations, Kashmir, Afghanistan, the impact on women in conflict situations and the role of the Pakistan Peace Coalition. ASR team presented the revolutionary music/songs during the sessions. A cultural evening was held at the conference. 

The conference was successful in addressing major issues and conflicts prevalent in South Asia. During the course of the conference around 14 resolutions were passed that the strength of the entire house. The conference was instrumental in many ways. Foremost, it lifted the curtain off many socially conceived notions that are actually not true. A massive rally was organised at the end of the conference in which participants chanted the slogans of peace.